Cafe Dauphine
Gentilly/New Orleans East/Chalmette
Reveillon Traditional

REVEILLON TRADITIONAL: Menu items must contain ingredients that would have been available to a Creole family during the 1800’s time period. For example: please do not feature ingredients like ‘micro sprouts’. Think of ‘rich’ or ‘luxurious’ regional items to offer!

Café Dauphine is an authentic New Orleans restaurant with a goal of reviving the Ninth Ward dining experience and bringing good, quality food paired with a friendly atmosphere to the historic neighborhood. Café Dauphine prides itself on the surrounding community and serving customers great dishes made with love and passion. If you are looking to explore a new area of the city, Café Dauphine will be a great stop on your excursion!
Open on these Holidays:
• Christmas Eve (Serving Reveillon)
• New Year's Eve (NOT Serving Reveillon)
• New Year's Day (NOT Serving Reveillon)
Four courses