Dickie Brennan’s Tableau
French Quarter
Reveillon Contemporary

REVEILLON CONTEMPORARY encourages new and innovative food products, trends and techniques. Ingredients are not limited to the historic time frame that would have been available. Chefs are invited to interpret Reveillon Menus for the modern-day patron. Think molecular gastronomy, small plates, deconstruction of classic dishes and nouvelle cuisine.

Located on picturesque Jackson Square in the heart of the French Quarter. Tableau features classic Creole dishes revisited. Brunch daily with a live brass band for brunch on Saturday and Sunday. Dinner Nightly. The Happiest Happy Hour in the French Quarter 2pm-5pm.
Open on these Holidays:
• Christmas Eve (NOT Serving Reveillon)
• New Year's Eve (NOT Serving Reveillon)
• New Year's Day (NOT Serving Reveillon)
Four courses