Hippie Kitchen
Outside Metro Area
Petite Reveillon
Hippie Kitchen is an employee-owned and operated neighborhood gathering place dedicated to providing casual, delicious fine food. Our meals highlight locally sourced ingredients to create the freshest seasonal dishes. Our philosophy embraces eating organically, with whole grains and veggies paired with meat, poultry, and fish that have been raised with extra care. Our groceries are organic, and our commitment comes from a desire to feed people good food. As chefs, we have created an environment of excellence where our guests enjoy seasonal, premium ingredients, made from scratch in our cool space! We thrive on supporting our community, including local farms and farmers. We are proud to support our staff with a rewarding workplace, a delicious meal each day, and fair wages.
Open on these Holidays:
• Christmas Eve (Serving Reveillon)
• New Year's Eve (Serving Reveillon)
• New Year's Day (Serving Reveillon)
Four courses