Palace Cafe

Palace Cafe
Central Business District/Downtown
Reveillon Traditional

RÉVEILLON TRADITIONAL: Must be a minimum of 4 courses and maximum of 8 course with up to 4 menu items per course that all contain ingredients that would have been available to a Creole family during the 1800s. For example: please do not feature ingredients like ‘micro sprouts’. Think of ‘rich’ or ‘luxurious’ regional items to offer!

Holidays are about tradition, and at Dickie Brennan & Co. we have our own decade-long tradition of handing out custom bells at each of our restaurants during lunch throughout the month of December. At lunch, guests will “bell hop” and collect these festive bells, and each restaurant will be decorated for the holidays and ready for your Christmas photo op!

Open on these Holidays:
• Christmas Eve (Serving Reveillon)
• New Year's Eve (NOT Serving Reveillon)
Five courses
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