Restaurant August
Central Business District/Downtown
Reveillon Traditional

REVEILLON TRADITIONAL: Menu items must contain ingredients that would have been available to a Creole family during the 1800’s time period. For example: please do not feature ingredients like ‘micro sprouts’. Think of ‘rich’ or ‘luxurious’ regional items to offer!

Some of August's popular specialties include wild pheasant and rabbit with sage and morel mushrooms, seared bass and shrimp- and lobster-stuffed piquillo peppers. The foie gras appetizer is the rave of the town, while the reasonably sized entrees always leave room for dessert. The wine list includes an impressive 250 bottles, some of which can be quite expensive. Chef John Besh combines everything to make this restaurant a unique CBD stop!

*John Besh won the James Beard Award for Best Chef: Southeast (2006) for his cuisine at Restaurant August.

Open on these Holidays:
• Christmas Eve (Serving Reveillon)
• New Year's Eve (Serving Reveillon)
Five courses