Upperline Restaurant
Uptown/Garden District
Reveillon Traditional

REVEILLON TRADITIONAL: Menu items must contain ingredients that would have been available to a Creole family during the 1800’s time period. For example: please do not feature ingredients like ‘micro sprouts’. Think of ‘rich’ or ‘luxurious’ regional items to offer!

This trendsetting Uptown bistro is one of the most influential restaurants ever to open in New Orleans. Upperline is also one of the friendliest fine dining spots in town, where Uptown Republicans and rakish bohemians pull up at adjoining tables. Offbeat Magazine has enthusiastically compared Upperline with Alice Water's legendary restaurant, Chez Panisse. Upperline's JoAnn Clevenger once said, "New Orleans is extraordinarily beautiful. Listen to the music, look at the architecture, the flowers. We're very lucky. And you know, it's not just where you're going, but the in between part -- how you get there -- that matters." That's the Upperline spirit.
Open on these Holidays:
• New Year's Eve (NOT Serving Reveillon)
$46 - $58
Four courses