New Orleans Holiday Cocktail Crawl

You know what they say: friends who enjoy holiday cocktails together, sleigh together… 

In New Orleans, every season tends to pair well with a cocktail, but there is something extra enchanting about the glimmering holiday décor that fills the city this time of year when it’s paired with a spirited libation. The warmth of the season fills you with an abundance of love, and each small moment with loved ones brings cherished new memories. So, join us and sip along while we enjoy holiday-infused sips and toast to you and yours. We hope you enjoy this festive little crawl, and remember to drink responsibly, y’all!


Start your way at the divine Bar Marilou, where their bold eclectic sense of décor will send you skipping down your merry path to cozy festive enjoyment. Sip on their Santa Sangre, a heavenly cocktail comprised of Bourbon, Punt e Mes, Malört, and blueberry shrub. 

The ZuZu – The Windsor Court

Polo Club Lounge 

At the Polo Club Lounge at The Windsor Court Hotel, find yourself feeling like an old-money Hollywood starlet with a bright and merry sip of The ZuZu, a pomegranate-inspired poinsettia to bring a bit of bubble to the season. 

Miss River, Four Seasons Hotel New Orleans


The Four Seasons New Orleans is a one-to-one ratio of luxury and opulence. At Miss River, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a love letter to Louisiana penned by James Beard Award-winning Chef Alon Shaya. The culturally rich dishes sing this time of year like joyous ringing bells, and the Flaming Espresso Martini will spark citrusy holiday delight with notes of cinnamon and orange. 

Chandelier Bar, Four Seasons Hotel New Orleans


The Chandelier Bar is a lobby-level oasis of glitz under one of the most iconic, you guessed it, chandeliers, in all New Orleans. This iconic stop is also a staple feature of the Four Seasons, the gift that keeps on giving. Don’t sleep on the S’mores Milk Punch, a boozy fireside delight in a glass, featuring bourbon whiskey and Tempus Fugit Creme de Cacao, garnished to the gods with mini marshmallows and flambé!

Candy Cane – The Sazerac Bar

The Sazerac Bar

It’s Christmas cookies and candy canes over at The Sazerac Bar, a space tucked in one of the most classic hotels in the city and a not-to-be-missed Instagram-worthy holiday hotel display. The Christmas Cookie cocktail is a perfected treat of vanilla vodka, brown sugar, and heavy cream. To put some PEP-permint in your step, the Candy Cane is a bursting harmony of Rumple Minze, White Créme de Cacao, Cream, and Raspberry for a fun twist. But if you are already here, don’t forget the namesake, the most famous cocktail of our city: the Sazerac, where Sazerac Rye, Peychaud’s Bitters, Sugar, and Herbsaint sing the jingles of the city’s history.

Winter Rumderland – GW Fins

GW Fins

Gary Wollerman and family invite you over to GW Fins where the seafood is fresh every day, and the holiday cocktails come with a sense of personality. With the Winter Rumderland, you will be singing lullabies of Bambu cream rum, Branson cognac, coco bitters, and vanilla syrup. Or hum melodies of Naughty or Spice with this delicious concoction made up of rum, coco bitters, apple juice, vanilla syrup, cinnamon syrup, and ginger beer. 

Kalikimaka Colada – French 75 Bar, Photo credit: Andy Kutcher

French 75 Bar

Located in Arnaud’s Restaurant, the Kalikimaka Colada is bringing the holiday season to you with a heaping serving of tiki joy! Filled to the brim with El Dorado 8-year rum, Hamilton gold rum, house coconut cream, pecan orgeat, ginger syrup, cinnamon syrup, grapefruit juice, Peychaud’s Bitters, and Angostura Bitters, this one will have you just one daydream away from paradise. 

The Burgundy Bar

The Saint Hotel is a little naughty and a little nice. So, for all those who didn’t make the nice list this year, Mr. Scrooge Sparkler might just be the drink for you! Campari, ginger liqueur, lemon juice, sparkling wine, and nutmeg might just have you reminded that sometimes being on the naughty list is not all as bad as it is made out to be. What’s wrong with living a little in the Crescent City? 

Aged Creole Egg Nog – Rib Room

Rib Room

What is a ho-ho-holiday season without a boozy eggnog in hand? The Rib Room in the Omni Royal Orleans Hotel heard the beckoning call of holiday glee and raised you an Aged Creole Eggnog Martini. I mean, how could you not? The name says it all here.


The Country Club is a tucked-away gem, and poolside getaway. You read that right! POOL. It’s heated, there is a hot tub, and ding-ding-ding, sauna house too. Where this tropical winter you will be soaking, steaming, and sipping a Tarragon Gimlet. Where Hayman’s London Dry Gin, lime juice, tarragon simple syrup, and a dill tincture will have you on a get-out-of-the-snow holiday island in the middle of NOLA.

Winter Waltz – Jewel of the South

Jewel of The South

Put on your dancing shoes, y’all; the Jewel of The South has done it again. This beloved stop is the place to Winter Waltz, although maybe only metaphorically. It’s the name of the drink, and a beautiful harmony of Rye, Amaro, and allspice. So, we guess you don’t need to stretch before this one, however, we do encourage you to enjoy some of the decadent food while you are here.

Spiced Tea Hot Toddy at The Elysian Bar
Spiced Tea Hot Toddy – The Elysian Bar

The Elysian Bar

Hotel Peter and Paul in the Marigny is a charming re-imagination of a historic church, schoolhouse, rectory, and convent. Where the Elysian Bar overflows with charm, and the Spiced Tea Hot Toddy will pair well beside the two fireplaces that bring you in closer to your loved ones and who even knows, might just spark some holiday romance with the eye candy across the bar.

Frozen Irish Coffee at Erin Rose
Frozen Irish Coffee – Erin Rose, Photo credit: Rebecca Todd

Molly’s at The Market

An all-year-round classic, the Frozen Irish Coffee at Molly’s at The Market is a well-loved treat. A frozen blend of cream and liquor, decorated with a swirl of coffee on top. This little pep in your step is a cute stop, and even a great grab-n-go for taking in some of the holiday decorations sprinkled throughout the French Quarter

Commander’s Palace 

Finally, in Uptown is Commander’s Palace, a historic marvel of classic New Orleans fare. Where getting dressed for the occasion is required to be seated, and the Holly Berry Martini will put Réveillon on the rocks, with this citrus vodka, pomegranate liqueur, cassis, lemon juice, cranberry juice, and simple syrup.

For even more holiday cocktail ideas, and for everything Holidays New Orleans style, see here.

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